Beginning Sewing

black machine

Our sewing classes are 3 different levels of expertise. Each level is a 6 week class. Classes are blocks of 2 hours per day on Thursday. We begin starting class at 1 pm and they are over by 8 pm different levels may be combined in each class, students 8 years and up are welcome to sign up.

Instructor Casey McDowall

Level 1

Includes pattern & Starting up kit in this class you will construct an apron, learn to clean finish edges, do curve’s and about bias. You will learn the sewing machine, learn to read the pattern, lay out fabric and do 5/6 samples.

Level 2

Includes pattern in this class you will construct a Kimono (Japanese robe) Learn to read patterns, lay out fabric, Finish seam allowance, lean proper way to get your size through measuring yourself and do 5/6 samples.

Level 3

Includes pattern in this class you will construct P.J.s Learn to read the pattern, test your skill on measuring, do lay out of fabric, and do 5/6 samples. You will basically start this on your own with close supervision. We won’t let you make costly mistakes there will be parts needed for extra help. We want to make sure you have learned what you’ll need to go out on your own.

Beginning Basics

This is a sample only class. You must have finished Level 1 and 2 (Kids must finish all three levels) before you can take this class. You will learn the different ways of putting in elastic, zippers, cuffs, and lining a pocket etc. It is a 4 week class, one 2-hour class per week.

Fall Classes start on Thursday:

Oct. 23-Nov.-20 skip 27 (thanksgiving) last day Dec. 4th

Jan.7 – Feb. 1

Must sign up through Parks and Rec. 411 Balsam Moses lake

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