How to Install Bernina Patterns

How to put an embroidery pattern on your Bernina 880 without using software.

This is using Windows 10, other operating systems may be slightly different.

Download your pattern off of the internet.

After downloading, your pattern should be in your download folder.

Click on File Explorer at the bottom of the main window.

On the screen that comes up, find Downloads on the right side, and double click on it.

On that screen, find the file/folder that you downloaded, IF it is a folder with a zipper

on it, Right click on the folder, and choose Extract All. Then go with the suggested

location and click extract.

The computer will create a new folder inside your download folder, and extract

the zipped files to this new folder. (After doing this, the folder that is open on

your screen will be the one with the un-zipped files.) When you look later you

will see two folders in your download folder that have the same name, the original

with a zipper on it and the new one without a zipper, because they are un-zipped.

When moving files from your computer to your sewing machine, you must

use un-zipped files

Put your USB stick into the slot on your computer.

If this is the first time using this stick you should get a message saying

something like “You have choices for removable drives”. Choose “Open

folder to view files”. After the first time, the computer will not ask again, but

do as you told it the first time.

A screen should appear that shows your USB stick contents.

In the upper right corner you will see ( – ) sign, a symbol that looks like a box, and an (X)

sign. Click on the Middle one, the one that looks like a box.

Place your cursor on either the right or left side of the page until you see a double-sided

arrow, then hold down the left mouse button and move the side in, until the folder only

fills about ½ of the screen.

Next, click on the top of the download folder, and do the same thing that you just did to

the USB folder.

Then click on the top of  the USB folder, hold down the left mouse button and slide the

folder to the right side of the screen, then do the same thing to the download folder

moving it the left side of the screen. You should now have the two folders side by side on

your screen.

installing bernina patterns

If you have files on your USB drive that you no longer want, left click on the file you

want to get rid of, and press the delete button on your computer, do this for each file that

you want to delete.

Next, look at your download folder; you are looking for .exp files. The folder may

contain quite a few of them, for example, there may be a body.exp file in say 4 different

hoop sizes, also a arms.exp file for each hoop size, etc. You may also have several

designs in the folder. (leaf, flower, etc.)

Determine what files you want to use (hoop size body.exp, flower.exp, etc.), select that

exp file, place your arrow on that file, hold down on your left mouse button and slide

over to the USB folder and let go of your mouse button. That file should now be copied

to your USB drive.

Do the same thing with all of .exp files that you want to transfer to your sewing machine.

Now, that you have transferred these files to your USB drive, Go up to the top of the

USB folder and click the X on the right side, to close the folder. Then do the same to the

download folder to close it.

Next, before removing your USB drive, go to the bottom right of your computer and click

on the little ^ arrow. Then find the “Safely remove hardware/eject media” symbol, click

on it and then on the listed item which is your USB drive. Remove the USB drive when it

says that it is safe to do so.

Place the USB drive into your sewing machine, go to the file menu, click on the open

folder, click on the USB icon at the top, then click on one of the new designs. It will be

loaded onto your sewing machine, then go to file again, choose the save folder, click on

the machine icon, then choose save. That design is now saved on to your machine, now

do the same with the other files if there are any others. Now remove the USB drive from

the sewing machine. Are you ready to embroider?

Load it up and sew it out,  just as you normally would.

Clean Up

When you have time, go to the download folder, move the un-zipped folder from there to

your Embroidery folder wherever that is at, hopefully in your documents folder.

Then delete the zipped folder with the same name.

Next time you use these designs

After this, when you want to use any of these files, use the above directions, except

instead of starting in your download folder, start in your Embroidery folder.


I think that all of your files (embroidery, music, game saves, pictures, etc) should be in

sub-folders in you documents folder. AND you should have a backup drive, and backup

installing bernina patterns

software that runs automatically, backing up your documents folder. If you don’t do this,

one day your computer will crash and you will loose EVERYTHING.

Pick whatever you want, I use a My Passport drive and I use Acronis True Image as my

backup software, because I can create both file backups, and disk images which can

restore the entire disk back to where it was before it crashed. (Without loss of anything)

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