January News Letter

The new 590 now in store, larger throat, bigger bobbin, new manual thread cutting, press a button to lift the foot, press a button to cut your thread
Block Lotto.
We are up and going again. Our block lotto will be the 15th of each month, it just seams to be the best time to put it out. So, on Jan 15th stop by and pick up your block and Please have it back by the 14th of the following month for the drawing.
Discontinued Machines
Bernina is dropping these machines from their line….
580 Embroidery
570 Embroidery
560 Embroidery
1300 MD serger
Chicago 7 Embroidery
we have a very limited stock on hand get the best price while they last

Bernina introduced a plus kit to go with your 880 or 790 it included a midi hoop, pinpoint placement and a number of other things I just received word that this special is coming to an end, so if you want to upgrade your 880 or 790 to make it a plus with these great features don’t wait too long, as I only have one left in store and not sure I can get anymore
**** we have sold the last one if you want one don’t wait long we will call Bernina to see if we can get anymore

A sewing machine has it, A stem has it, A poem has it, A page has it, you have it.
What is it?

***We have a new class for all model Machines Techniques

Machines Techniques Class is geared towards your machine. You will learn how to use your machine, weather its combining stiches doing letters along with all the feet you have for that machine. If your sewing machine is embroidery you will also learn how to use that great feature as well.
**Now listed on our calendar
Beginning Serger
Do you have a serger that you need help with this is the class for you? Learn to thread with ease, move your tension knobs to get the perfect stitch. Do a rolled hem and go around a circle. We will be adding an advanced serger class in March

Sewing Levels – Every Thursday 12pm-6pm for any 2hr time block register through Parks and Rec.
Beginning Quilt Tuesday classes register through Parks and Rec
Bernina Mastery Class- are on Fridays and Sat. from 9:30-2pm check calendar for dates

Check out the dates for other classes in store or on our website


If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. 509-764-4706

Are you interested in Doll Making? We are in the process of putting a great class together. Watch for detail in March

A foot. HaHaHa!!!
The part of a sewing machine, close to the needle, that is lowered onto the material to hold it in position is called a FOOT. The lower part of the stem of a plant is called a FOOT. FOOT is a basic unit of rhythm in poetry. The bottom of a page is called the FOOT of the page Now on the


Learn to free motion movement with Carole (I apologize I spelt your name wrong last time)
Paper Piecing with Elizabeth

Dyeing fabrics with TBA Machine techniques all models- with Casey

Bernina Mastery with Casey, Heather and Elizabeth

Pin point placements with Heather

Serger classes with Casey

Ruler work with Elizabeth

These are just a few to look for

 : (  It is with great sadness I have to say the new teacher we hired to do classes this year has passed away in Dec. Thelma was a great teacher and has taught so many around the area. We were looking forward to having her join our team and she was so excited to come teach.
We will miss her

Special Note
I’m sorry this is out late, as I had a family emergency and left town for 5 days, my mom found my Brother passed away in his chair and she then had a heart attack. Life has been a little messed up but we are getting back on track, and working hard to get the classes up and running. So please check out the calendar on the web www.mycountryfabricsml.com or stop by the store. Thanks for your condolences but let’s move on to a happier place Sewing!!! Casey


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